December 22, 2023 Alana Ireland No Comments

New Research

In August 2023, I had the pleasure of travelling to Milan, Italy to present my research on body image in adolescent and young adult survivors of cancer at the International Psycho Oncology Society World Congress. While I am still in the preliminary stages of analysis, I have some interesting findings related to (a) grief for the body lost, (b) scars: marked by cancer, (c) body acceptance and appreciation, (d) medical talk shaping body experience, (e) transition through the lens of cancer, and (f) identity. Stay tuned for notice of a publication expanding on this!
I also had the pleasure of bringing my four-year-old with me (who celebrated his fifth birthday while there). Those of you who have spent any time around young children know that this was as challenging as it was rewarding. Although the conference wasn’t really my son’s scene, we had the opportunity to attend a pizza and gelato making class that he enjoyed much more. It reminded me of the importance of sharing positive experiences and an enjoyment of food with our children.